Werner Feiersinger. Overturn

Werner Feiersinger. Overturn

Reformulating space: Werner Feiersinger’s new intervention at Belvedere 21 in Vienna



Title Information

Edited by Stella Rollig und Axel Köhne. With texts by Martin Herbert and Stella Rollig and a conversation with Werner Feiersinger by Axel Köhne

1st edition

, 2018

Text English and German


108 pages, 57 color illustrations

16.5 x 22 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-617-7

In cooperation with Belvedere 21. Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna


Austrian sculptor Werner Feiersinger combines in his work broad knowledge of design and architectural history with a laconic, minimalist formal vocabulary. Through an extensive sculptural intervention he reformulates the space of Belvedere 21—the former Austrian pavilion for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair that was transferred to Vienna—taking cues from the building’s history and architectural details.

Feiersinger’s works undermine conventional modes of seeing and are infused with a deep irony. The intervention at Belvedere 21 projects an autonomous object quality while dealing also with fundamental questions of sculpture.
This book features Werner Feiersinger’s new work through images and reproductions of his design drawings, complemented by introductory essays and a conversation with the artist.

Authors & Editors

Martin Herbert

Axel Köhne

 has been curator of 20th-centruy art at Belvedere in Vienna since 2012. Following his studies and graduation in cultural studies at University of Lüneburg he has been working at MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt (Main) 2010–12.

Stella Rollig

 has been appointed Artistic Director and CEO of Vienna’s Belvedere in 2017. Prior to that she worked as a publicist and Austria's Federal Curator of Visual Arts, and as director of LENTOS Kunstmuseum (2004–16) and NORDICO Stadtmuseum (2011–16) in Linz.