Documented Landscape

The Photo Archives of Carl Schröter and Geobotanical Institute Rübel

Enchanted, yet perfecty real: images from the archives of Eduard Rübel and Cral Schröter, Swiss pioneers of biodiversity research and landscape preservation


Title Information

By Ruedi Weidmann. Edited by Michael Gasser and Nicole Graf

1st edition

, 2019

Text English and German


196 pages, 107 color and 14 b/w illustrations

20 x 26 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-637-5

Pictorial Worlds: Photographs from the Image Archive, ETH-Bibliothek. Volume 7


Documented Landscape features images from the archives of Geobotanical Institute Rübel and of Carl Schröter (1855–1939), both kept in the collections of ETH Zurich’s main library. Eduard Rübel (1876–1960) and Schröter, the former’s teacher at ETH Zurich, were pioneers of the preservation of biodiversity and landscapes and among the first botanists to use photography as means of documentation for their research. Their heritage, depicting changing landscapes and the progressing human interference with nature, remain topical until the present day. In this book, the images are complemented by an introductory essay by historian and writer Ruedi Weidmann.

Authors & Editors

Michael Gasser

 is head of the archives at ETH-Bibliothek in Zürich.

Nicole Graf

 is head of the Image Archive, ETH-Bibliothek in Zürich.

Ruedi Weidmann

, born 1966, is a historian and lives and works as a freelance publicist in Zürich. Cultural history and in particular history of industry and transportation in Switzerland are his particular interest.

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Heinrich Brockmann-Jerosch, photograph labeled «Jamaica, rainforest, buttress roots» showing the geobotanist Marie Brockmann-Jerosch, 1913. © Image Archive of the ETH Library

Glaciar crowfoot (Ranunculus glacialis) on Alp Surley, Corvatsch glacier near Silvaplana, 1907–1927 (unknown photographer). © Image Archive of the ETH Library

Wilhelm Heller, Alpine snowbell (Soldanella alpina) on the Gornergrat in Zermatt, 1924. © Image Archive of the ETH Library

Stumpp, A lady with girl in a chestnut grove near Castasegna in the Val Bregaglia, 1907–1927. © Image Archive of the ETH Library

A. Puenzieux, Cherry tree near Yvorne, deformed by the winds of the Rhône Valley, 1892. © Image Archive of the ETH Library

Werner Lüdi, Volkmar Vareschi on the ridge in front of the Obergberghorn near the Schynigen Platte above Wilderwil, Bern, 1932. © Image Archive of the ETH Library

Botanists on a excursion with Carl Schröter above Alp Grüm in the Val Poschiavo, 1904 (unknown photographer). © Image Archive of the ETH Library

The happy science of botany: somersault (with pipe) on the summit of Piz Languard near Pontresina, 1910 (unknown photographer). © Image Archive of the ETH Library


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