From Poland with Love

From Poland with Love

Letters to Harald Szeemann

A tribute in letters to the legendary curator Harald Szeemann




Anda Rottenberg

1st edition

, 2019

Text in English


200 pages, 78 color and 14 b/w illustrations

17 x 24 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-842-3

In collaboration with Muzeum Susch / Art Stations Foundation CH


Over the period of twelve months, between May 2017 and 2018, Polish-born curator and critic Anda Rottenberg has written a series of fictitious letters to legendary curator and writer Harald Szeemann (1933–2005). In these pieces, Rottenberg analyzes the art and nature of curating and reveals references and relations in the history of art. She questions female artistic positions both in the Eastern and Western Europe and so encourages new individual readings of them. Her letters express a unique rhetoric that take-up questions and polemic judgements to amalgamate individual opinion and objective knowledge into a personal history.

This is the first publication of the much acclaimed new Muzeum Susch, an initiative of the Polish entrepreneur and art collector Grażyna Kulczyk and her Art Stations Foundation CH

Autoren & Herausgeber

Anda Rottenberg

 ist eine polnische Kunsthistorikerin, Kuratorin, Kunstkritikerin und Schriftstellerin, die in Warschau und Tavira (Portugal) lebt. Von 1993 bis 2001 war sie Direktorin der Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warschau, und kuratierte zahlreiche Ausstellungen in Polen und im Ausland.